Lift Up Through the Fog

TUSKS image

We took a break for a while as electronic music has been trending towards bass/techno/trance. Each of these genres has its unique characteristics, taking you on different kinds of journeys. We’ve seen music ranging from soft and minimal to hard and heavy in each category; they can all in their own ways be emotional, groovy, dance-y, universal, addictive — and take you away.

Things have been weighing on me lately, and running alongside the electronic music scene has allowed me to dance away from my thoughts. But these days I’ve been trying to turn towards it instead. Sometimes, when your energy is like fog settling between hills, and it blankets you with a heaviness that you can’t quite escape, you just have to flow with it until the sun comes out again and clears the sky. The wonders of music is that it’s always there for you, whatever you’re feeling. It’s there for you until the clouds lift again.

So I’m here for a breath of air between beats.

We got lost today in Tusk’s Dissolve. It’s a beautiful song, with Emily Underhill’s voice crooning melancholy, melded with Explosions in the Sky-like instrumentals.

She’s tired, resigned to her emotions, and you can feel her singing to try to lift herself up and transcend that fog. Dissolve fills you up to wash away that sinking feeling, and it feels good to sit there with her while the guitar rings out an atmospheric anthem. It helps you feel like you aren’t alone.

So listen and relisten and let Tusks take you away.

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