It’s Been A While

Let’s make up for this hiatus.

Jerry Folk (aka Gerard Folkestad Taylor) – an incredibly versatile producer – has been churning out new songs in the past few months.

He’s always been on our radars, primarily with fantastic remixes, in particular his Oh Wonder “Lose It” remix (which, at the time of this post, has 21 million listens on Soundcloud… that’s insane!).

But he has eased – no, leapt – into producing original music, and every single track is unique.  He has an underlying style utilizing eclectic electronic sounds that  distinguishes him instantly from other electronic music producers.  Take “Been A While” – starts with some pretty keys, layers in a beat, a percussive water droplet sound, and then that synth at 1:12 – a simple, gorgeous melody that just makes you stop what you’re doing and absorb it in.

I can’t say “Been A While” is representative of Jerry Folk’s work, because it isn’t.  It perhaps showcases 10% of his talent.  So here’s another 10% – with an intense blend of many elements that were somehow skillfully pieced together into a vibing track.

Little did we know, Jerry Folk has another name – folkestadd – under which he has been producing remixes and original productions with distinctly different styles – some house remixes of hip hop, some nu disco, and some of his current styled sounds.  I can only guess that this is where he started (and what a start!) and he rebranded as he launched into the spotlight.  The folkestadd Soundcloud page – and in particular the “susanity ep” and the “cyber music” playlists – is really great to just let play when you’re relaxing on a lazy Sunday or sipping coffee at the local café or cruising down the coast with the windows down on a blue-sky day.  It’s a mix of ambient and groovy, where you’ll want to sink into a pillow and get up and dance – all at once.

Here’s a little taste of it – you might just melt.  Wait a bit until you recognize it, and you’ll realize how brilliantly he interpreted this song.

Check out Jerry Folk’s other tracks!  It’s safe to say we’ll all be looking forward to what he thinks up over the next years.

P.S. The Oh Wonder “Lose It” remix

P.P.S. Jerry Folk live is quite a dance party. (Though, note, this pic below is not my image.)


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