Stay and sway


Let’s keep going.

This next one starts off with hints of ODESZA, then shifts into dream pop, a cross of Day Wave and Sjowgren with weightier percussion and a steadier pace. Mating Ritual is Ryan Lawhon’s* solo project, and Cold features Lizzy Land, who sings in harmony with Lawhon. Together, they echo, and you can feel the weight of the yearning in their voices and lyrics. It’s brooding, but melodic enough to pull you along and keep you from sinking. Don’t worry, if you need something to lift you back up, check the footnote.

Can you imagine this live?  So mellow.

* Ryan Lawhon is one of the brothers from Pacific Air, previously known as KO KO, which produced Float, which – true to its name – is an upbeat float-in-the-clouds kind of song. Check that out here too.

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