Winding down (free download)


Not from CRSSD, but the setup was similarly symmetrical, i.e. perfect.

I just came back from CRSSD Fest in San Diego, CA!  It’s a fairly new festival – only about a year old – and the venue is shockingly intimate for such huge artists – (in no particular order) from the DirtyBird family, Jeremy Olander, Eric Prydz (as Cirez D) to Gryffin, ODESZA, Tycho, Poolside, Chet Faker, etc. And music festivals are a great way to discover other amazing artists that may have slipped past us – Jon Hopkins, Ben UFO, Adriatique. Such a wonderful experience. Now, it’s time to wind it down a bit.  Let’s take it slowly though – ease into it. We’ll make it good.

ODESZA was, as expected, incredible, with a gorgeously mesmerizing set. So let’s start here, with one of their lesser known songs (and by “lesser known” I mean it *only* got 368,000 plays on SoundCloud), a mellow song you can close your eyes and zone out to: Today. Wait for the addition of a slow chord strum, the vocals, the light percussion, a floaty synth-like tune in the background, the pause – and then they all start together again. It’s a lying-on-a-hill under blue skies in a park kind of a song, and it gets you buzzing.

Stay tuned for more chill later this week!

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