Steady yourself (playlist)

You know that feeling you get inside when someone you care about gives you a long hug on a chilly day?  The kind that’s warm and comfortable, that you don’t want to end, and it feels like time is slowing down, just for you?  Well, turns out taking a long hot bath at the end of a long day is that feeling x10.  Maybe that someone you care about made it for you at the end of that long day.  But you know what’s even better?  All of that plus the perfect playlist – steamy and soulful all at once, perfect for you to melt in the water, relax into the rest of your evening.

I read this article that talked about how sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself (if you can) is take a sick day when you’re only mildly sick, when all you want to do is curl in bed but you’re not too incapacitated that you’re miserable, and when you huddle under that comforter you can reflect on your life.  Some of the best reflections come out of times when you’re just sitting around or walking around with no goal in mind or destination in place.

Okay, but you can do that while soaking in an endless bear hug of warmth – best.

So here’s the setting.  Hope you get that chance to float away.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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