Fresh and refreshing


I put on Sun Rai’s Rose! recently during a long drive and my friend laughed, “I feel like I’m in the 70s!”

My friend wasn’t born in the 70s, which brings up an interesting point: what does it mean when a song reminds you of the 70s, a decade which I’m guessing our readership has not experienced firsthand (except maybe… hi mom)? We all have our impressions of music from “before our time” – does that mean those impressions are what we think of as classics?

When we think about oldies and classics, we (my generation) think 80s, 70s, 60s. 90s music is still 90s music. Early 2000s music is affectionately dubbed “music from middle school” or talked about as “back when I was an angsty teenager” or whatever else (am I dating myself here?).

So when my friend’s mind goes to the 70s when he hears this song, maybe that just means this song has that classic vibe to it — and it does.

It’s got a soft rock touch to it that we’ve been missing these days. Some classic piano, some simple bass guitar, some light percussion – and a fantastic melody.

It’s fresh and refreshing: perfect for driving with the top down, wind sweeping through your hair, on a cool and sunny San Francisco day.

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