Electric feels


I’ve been thinking a little bit about loss these days – about losing things and the people who are important to you.

When is it good to take a loss?  Maybe when it prevents others from getting hurt, when it benefits them in some way.  I know some people would say, well, why would you do that?  We’ve got one life to live and we should make sure to take care and look out for ourselves.  Sure, but looking out for others, caring about others, making that choice to help them – that’s what makes us human.  That’s what gives us soul.  That’s what makes humanity.

Some would say that selflessness may not exist, because “feeling good” about helping someone defeats the idea that the act is selfless.  But selflessness is on a spectrum, and you can be relatively selfless – you can feel good about it but look, you helped someone out, and that means something.  So when is selflessness pure?  For one, at least, it’s most obvious when you hurt yourself on someone else’s behalf.  It feels terrible, but it’s sometimes necessary. We all question some of our actions – good and bad – and perhaps being selfless helps us define ourselves and who we want to be.

Okay.  I’ll admit, maybe I’m just trying to look at the bright side here, trying to build some strength to justify certain aspects of our lives. This is the right thing to do, I’m doing a good thing, etc.

But you know what?  Maybe instead of thinking about this, I’ll just soak in some Illenium and forget about everything.  Escapism at its best.

Illenium released Afterlife, featuring Echos, and it’s all at once symphonic, melodic, and mesmerizing.

It starts melancholic, with Echos’ vocals reminiscent of Evanescence, and combined with the keyboard and strings, feels ethereal.

She repeats, “In the afterlife, tell me we’ll be fine.”  It’s yearning, hopeful, desperate.

And then there’s a pause, a shift, and the electronic kicks in, a pulsing in the background, and the contrast is incredible.  Electric.  And though at first it feels unexpected, it’s just what you need.

It makes you feel sad, but alive.


P.S. Echos’ voice just fills you up.  Check out this cover of All I Want.

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