Hit reset


Let’s start the new year warm and fresh.

A little reflection,

A little nostalgia.

We’ve got William French today for some ambiance.

The way I think about it:

You’re standing out on the deck of a cabin.

It snowed last week, and the shores of the lake are blanketed in white.  Tonight the skies are clear, though, and there are stars.

There’s a silence that thickens the air, the kind in which your voice stops in front of you.  Heavy.

But the stars are still there.

And it’s like time has stopped.


It’s like time has stopped, but life hasn’t –

And that’s where this song begins.

It’s a heart beating, speeding, skipping.

It’s the waves lapping.

It’s the fresh air—

A cool breeze.

It’s gazing up and out, taking a deep breath, and—


There’s a light in the distance.

The lake shimmers silver.

And in the quiet, a warm hand.


Then the sun rises.

Pink inks across the pale blue sky.  The sun bursts.

Hit reset—

It’s a new day

And we’ve got William French’s kalimba keeping it bright and beautiful.

Take it in – it’s going to be a whirlwind.

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