Feels like a dream tonight


Can we revisit some indie dream-pop today?

Feels like a dream tonight / a little break in time – Young Galaxy, “New Summer”

We’re too lost in the rush of things.  We’re prescribed to a privileged, structured life: go to school, get a job, find a partner, start a family – and we’re always looking for what’s next.  

But then, we occasionally stop.  We all find one of those days at least once in our lives – one of those amazing days where we let go of everything that’s been on our minds and we become lost in the moment for the entire day and we feel like we have nothing to lose…

I’m always waiting for that feeling to fade, for me to look back on that day in my life and laugh it off, to carry on and get back into the swing of things — but it hasn’t, and I haven’t.  I keep getting drawn back to the emotional high of being fully present; I miss it.

Somehow this song reminds me of that day, one day of carefree ecstasy.  

This is sit-in-the-grass, stare-at-the-sky music.  It’s sentimental but grounding.  Bask in warmth of the people floating by you.  Make another day like that happen.  We are all in this together.

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