Dark vibes, dance vibes (free downloads)


Oftentimes, mashups take two or more songs and integrate both vocals and instrumentals.  In White Panda’s most recent releases, these two friends set vocals from one song to the background instrumentals of another — and it works so well.  It’s obviously key to pick two complementary songs and somehow sync them together to create the right pace, emphases, and vibes.  Sound simple?  It’s not.  But White Panda does it seamlessly.

Check these two out.  The first, Try Madness, is a mashup of Muse’s Madness and Dej Loaf’s Try Me.  The second, Reflection Stone, is of Kygo’s Firestone and Misterwives’ Reflections.  In both, the former play the instrumentals; the latter, the vocals.

Try isolating the two from each other.  It’s unbelievable how effortlessly White Panda seems to make these combos work together.

Try Madness is darker, with Muse’s heavy bass vibrating in the background, but Dej Loaf adds a push and pull with her voice.  She hooks you and reels you in, almost teasingly.  It’s masterful; the mystery is real..

Reflection Stone is all tropical house and just makes you want to get up and move – and that’s not just because of Kygo.  Misterwives’ sings you into dancing.

Do you see how perfectly Try Me is integrated into Madness’s vibe?  Or how White Panda pulled out exactly the right sections of instrumentals from Firestone to serve as Reflections‘ foundation?

Man, I can’t get over this.  The talent emanates.

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