Keep lookin’ up


What are you looking for today?  How about a cool video of GIBBZ, mixing up Love Again live from his home studio.  It comes with a sprinkling of sentiment too.  And maybe a little dash of hope?  Just for good measure.

A fair warning: GIBBZ might inspire you to build a mixing studio at home.  He also might make you want to fall in love.

The song perfected its layers: grab your headphones, watch him add each one, one at a time, and be ready for some mellow indie-electronica:

GIBBZ has got it down: the pace, the tune, the words.  The keyboard.  The electric guitar.  The looping.  His falsetto.

These lyrics: “Well I look in your eyes.  They tell me I can love again — and I believe them.”

Every once in a while we need a little reminder to keep lookin’ up.  Here’s to the people in our lives who make us feel alright again – you’re our superhero capes, our blankets, our steaming cups of tea.

And here’s to GIBBZ, for reminding us that – somewhere out there – these people are there for us, ready to light our fires again.

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