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We’ve shared this before, but I was just thinking about how I call it the sunset song, and why, and I thought I’d share again. I’m not going to describe the song, because we’ve done that already previously in a post about Robotaki, so instead I’m just going to imagine, because this is how it’s making me feel as I listen to it once again, and again, and again.

This song is best listened to watching a sunset, in the summer, in San Francisco, when the temperature is still warm and the breeze is cool; the kind of day where stepping in the shade yields chilly results, but it’s okay, because you’re on the roof of the building, and the only shade there is, is yours, fading slowly into the dimming light; and as the skies blush red and gold and the streaks of clouds flush with color, you stand at the edge of the roof, watching; watching the shadows grow long across the city, the buildings darken each other, people pull on their jackets; and in the distance, the dark blue ocean shimmers; and the sun is still glowing and you just watch it burn as it descends and you catch your breath staring.

This song is best listened to without someone there, but wishing; wishing for someone to be as caught in the radiance of the sunset as you are while the colors trickle across the sky, and as they do the two of you would intertwine your hands and hold your breaths; how nice it would be for someone to be standing there, by your side, sharing the wonder with you — but you are alone.

That’s key – the flicker of loneliness, the yearning, under the beautiful sky, as the air turns crisp and the fresh smell of night fills you up.  And as the darkness overtakes you, you wistfully turn away from the skies to retreat into the warmth and coziness of home.

Your turn – turn up your volume, sink into this song, and imagine.

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