A worthwhile dreamstate


Happy Friday everyone! Here’s a little change of pace to help you float through your weekend.

This is Yumi Zouma’s Song for Zoe & Gwen.

Yumi Zouma consists of three friends from New Zealand who now live across the world from each other: Charlie, Josh, and Kim. They’re now in New York, Paris, and Christchurch.  Not sure how they make their music, but I think making music is a wonderful excuse for a reunion (or reunions are wonderful excuses to make music).  Either way, they need to keep it up.

Their songs have a light and soft quality, a little bit of post-synthpop and a little bit of indescribable Yumi Zouma. It sounds sweet, magical. Someone else described it as organic. I’m not sure what that means when describing music, but it somehow feels right.

Song for Zoe & Gwen is a song that’s a little floaty and a little dreamy. I’m assuming Kim is the vocalist here, and she sounds like she’s singing in an almost-mystical world, where I imagine she’s gliding through a meadow and you see her as the fog parts, and she’s glowing and a little angelic.

Okay, so my imagination goes a little overboard sometimes, but trust me, it does have that magical quality.

The lyrics are a little blurred by the way Yumi Zouma produced the song, with Kim’s voice layered between the synthesizer and drums (adds to the magic a bit), but I can catch part of the chorus, which makes me fall for the song even more. She says, “Even if your dream is failing / feeling like you’ll never sleep again / there’s nothing else more worthwhile chasing / …” We all need to take this message to heart.
How many times do you see an opportunity to jump, but instead opt to take the safe route? Our generation is chasing dreams like no other, but there are times when uncertainty deters us, and it can be scary as hell.

Yumi Zouma reminds us to close our eyes and take the leap.

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