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filous, your music blows me away.  It’s incredible.

filous, thanks for creating and sharing this music, these mellow songs, this set that pulls out of our heads.

I don’t know if you intended to make your music ambient and chill, but either way it is beautiful.

Gosh, the more I listen to it, the more blown away I become.  I just want to sink into it.

Anyway, I was thinking about what makes me love a remix.  I think the producer primarily needs to:

  • inject or amplify the vibe
  • blend in his signature style

filous did both on point.

Here’s why.  Let me preface this with – great music isn’t formulaic.  I don’t love these songs because they got each of these components down.  I love these songs because – quite simply – they appeal to me.  So take this all with a grain of salt.

The vibe

Let’s take filous’ remix of Jose Gonzalez’s Heartbeats [1].  This is a song that already conveys so much emotion and somehow so much tranquility.  filous sets the mood in the intro even before Heartbeats’ original intro blends in – before we even realize it’s Heartbeats at all.  Then he builds into Heartbeats and showcases pure wonder.  This is Heartbeats taken one step further; it has more character than ever, and feels more magical than ever.

My favorite part of filous’ remix is the syncopation during the “chorus,” when Gonzalez sings, “One night to be confused, one night to speed up truth.”  The beat between words catches you.  You don’t hear that very often.

On the opposite spectrum, you’ve got RAC’s Tear You Down [2], a bouncy, almost 80s-esque indie song.  It’s a fun song.  filous gives it a different mood, making it a little more mellow and borderline yearning, with the tenuto notes in the background echoing until they fade away.  Compare and contrast – you’ll see the difference within the first couple of seconds.

There’s also a beat in between beats in this song.  Look for it!

The style

When you hear a song, you can usually identify the artist by the voice of the singer or the style of the song.  Something is always recognizable[3].  When a producer remixes a song, they brand themselves, because every musical taste is slightly different.  They have some differentiating factor, and intentional or not, it’s there.  It’s an art.

filous has that something special.  It’s kind of a peaceful quality, like what you would imagine when someone sighs, a mellow, relaxing, wonderful feeling.  It reminds me of Robert Miles’ Children (you’ll find the vibe is relatively similar).  Listen to all of the above songs.  You’ll hear it, this style I’m trying and failing to describe.  Above all, though, it may even be best exemplified in their remix of The Glitch Mob’s Our Demons (which also is an insanely beautiful example of filous turning the original vibe 180 degrees).

Our Demons [4] is a fast-paced original with a rush of activity – it almost seems panicked, desperate, and a little furious.  Filous makes it into ambiant music you’d want to listen to on a gloomy grey day, or while you work, or all the time.  I have no words here.  Just listen.


[0] filous is 17 years old.  Let that also blow your mind.

[1] Jose Gonzalez’s original Heartbeats

[2] RAC’s original Tear You Down

[3] For example, when I first heard We Are Young and Carry On by Fun., I thought to myself how the singer sounds so incredibly similar to the singer in The Format.  Ever hear the Format?  They weren’t super popular back then, but they had some great songs (Check The First Single / You Know Me or Snails or Tune Out).  I was pretty addicted to them back in the early 2000s.  Anyway, when Fun. came out with their huge hits, I was confused — then enlightened: turns out the lead singer is the same guy.

[4] Glitch Mob’s original Our Demons

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