Don’t stop believin’

avatars-000108327384-gj23cw-t500x500Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ always reminds me of college. If you went to a party, it was 100% guaranteed that it would be played, sang along with, and danced to, with as much flourish and gusto as possible. No, I wasn’t born in the ’80s; college was only a couple of years ago. But this song? It lives through the ages. It’s classic.

So you’d think it can’t get any better.

And then MYNGA proves you wrong! MYNGA, consisting of two young, metro-looking German producers and DJs, takes Don’t Stop Believin’ and puts a spin on it, adding some new dance-y beats, switching up the original guitar with piano, and throwing in some excellent electric guitar solos.

Sure, it starts off like the beginning of the song was cut off, but you quickly forget about it as it launches you into the song. It doesn’t sound very different from the original, aside from the different types of instruments, until Steve Perry of Journey sings, “It goes on and on and on and on….” and then MYNGA kicks in. I don’t know how else to describe that transition besides… if this were EDM, that moment is when the beat drops.  It’s the anticipation leading up to it, the pause, and then the spring into action.

And throughout the song, the electric guitar is just — wow! It’s careful, subtle, mellow. With all the different types of tones and sounds an electric guitar can produce, MYNGA incorporated the perfect one: one that isn’t overpowering, and one that draws you in with clean execution and clear notes.

What I love most about this version is that while giving the song a more modern feel, MYNGA preserves the timelessness of the original song with the classical instruments and without trying to use too much electronic manipulation. Don’t get me wrong, I love that tropical feel or the house beats a lot of artists are remixing into their music these days, but in this case, we don’t need either of those. I mean, it’s Journey!

And MYNGA balances old and new perfectly. It’s not a new song; it’s a fantastic remake of an old one – and you’re guaranteed to love it. Check it out.

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