Escape everything


In the world we live in today, we’re surrounded by people and activity – interruption after interruption after interruption…

Sometimes people just need to kick back and relax, to be alone with their thoughts or simply sit and let their minds go.

Nick Leng and Carmody created together “Inside Your Mind,” the perfect song for you to do any or all of the above. This is ambiance music for your mind.

Ever go to the beach when skies are greyer and the shores are emptier? All you hear is the ebb and flow of the waves before they crash down at your feet and wash the sand away from around your feet, and then they rinse and repeat as you look beyond the waves at the vastness of the sea, the immensity of the skies, infinity.

That’s Carmody. Her voice ebbs and fades — then echoes. It’s beautiful and you are left with just yourself, standing there, filled with wonder.

We are always looking for our personal oasis, for bliss. Find it here.

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