Dripping like honey (free download)

One year ago, we posted about Yuna’s “Lullabies,” remixed by Adventure Club. Recently, Adventure Club’s “Gold,” which features Yuna, came up on our radar. And this beautiful Malaysian vocalist is still as magical as ever.

For “Gold,” let’s visualize.

Imagine you’re holding a ball of light, bright rays radiating through your fingertips, pulsing. Imagine it’s sunshine, and feel the warmth seeping out into your palms, then sweeping out around you.

Now listen to this.

Yuna’s voice is that warmth, crescendoing, resonating, through your body; Adventure Club’s keyboard and rising percussions accentuate each of Yuna’s words.

She’s telling you to shake it off when someone hurts you, to stay strong – and then she helps you get there. She emphasizes, energizes, and echoes. Her voice is honey in tea, swirling, melting; it embodies this sweet warmth, brings you clarity. It’s haunting. It’s beautiful. It’s empowering.

Meanwhile, Clark Kent as KOA tweaked “Gold” to ease you into your chair and watch the ocean crash below you.

With less of the electronic keyboard and escalating beats that Adventure Club employs, and more of the classical keyboard’s tones and a slower pace, Clark Kent carefully paints the sun, bursting over the horizon, dawn’s colors spreading across the sky. It’s more peaceful than the original, and yet this Superman still retains Adventure Club’s ability to emphasize the rise and fall of Yuna’s melodic voice and words, to ground you down and lift you up.

Yuna says to “stay gold.” When we are with her, it’s hard not to.

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