Tug on every silver thread

It never ceases to amaze me how it can just takes the first three seconds of a song for someone to identify it, decide to skip it, or fall helplessly into its embrace.

PHOX’s single “Slow Motion” captivated me as soon as it began. At first, I thought that maybe there was too much going on in the song – too many instruments, too many arpeggios, just too much. But there was something so magical about this “too much” that I couldn’t help but keep coming back.

Music can be so meditative. When too much in life is going on, the right song can help you focus and refocus, breathe and let go, ground you. That’s how “Slow Motion” wraps you around its finger. Listen to its layers. Look for one thread – one instrument – and follow it to the end of the song. Now repeat with another thread. And another and another.  You simply focus and enjoy.

PHOX, made up of six friends in Wisconsin, is a mix of a little bit of Vampire Weekend and Foxygen and definitely a lot of their own soul. Throw in different types of guitars, a xylophone, violin, trumpet, piano, whistling – and it becomes a great melange that keeps you hanging on, wondering what might come next, and knowing it’s just going to be wonderful.

With this group, there’s just so much character everywhere you look and everywhere you listen.

Slow Motion is a preview of PHOX’s album, due for release in June. After hearing just these five minutes, I can’t wait for the rest of their album to come out.

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