Dream of what used to be (free download)

Passenger’s Circles resonates of nostalgia. With its minor cadence patterns and an acoustic guitar melody, you would almost expect to find someone strumming in the middle of a quaint but bustling village bazaar in the early 1900s somewhere in Europe. It’s almost melancholy, as if Passenger is trying to hold on to the past.

With Elkoe’s remix, Circles becomes less nostalgic and more reflective, filled with a little bit of wondering and a lot of daydreaming. It eases into the music with a gradual crescendo and then picks up the pace, echoing Passenger’s words, creating both a sense of longing and wistfulness. And at the same time, Passenger jams in Elkoe’s remix. He no longer has his violin at hand, which added to the folky style of the original song, but in the remix, Elkoe adds something electric, as Passenger sings about carving memories into monuments, running carefree, flying kites, and seeing those days go by.

Finally, Elkoe throws in a little Emancipator to close it out – and in the reminiscence, the sun sets.

Here’s to what we remember, what we hoped for, and what we don’t want to let go.

Passenger’s music seems to have great success both as originals and as foundations for remixes. Here’s a mix by Peer Kusiv that blew up before Let Her Go made it to our radio stations.

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