Looking up (free download)

It’s been a bit dreary these past couple of days where I am – grey skies, dark clouds, rain.

I’ve posted on M83 previously, and I’ve even mentioned their song “Wait” already. It’s admittedly gloomy, but beautiful and just wonderful to let it wash over you, especially when you hear it live!

Meanwhile, Kygo has never failed to deliver an upbeat, bouncy song, with tropical rhythms and instruments that simply make everything look up. So it was a bit of a surprise to see Kygo remix a sad song that yearns. But what Kygo does with this song is brighten up its grey. In Wait, M83 mourns that there is “no time,” repeatedly (this description is a little more depressing than the original song is, I promise), but in that moody chorus, Kygo adds in a rhythm, melody, and beat to make you dance and embrace the fleeting moment.  He takes those stormy clouds and pushes them apart, letting the sun glow then shine through, lighting up the sky.

Behind every raincloud are blue skies.

And for just some sun and only sun:

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