Sunshinin’ (free download)

Everyone ultimately seeks a path to happiness.  It seems harder than it is.  But what would you do if you only had ten minutes left?  When do you pause to look up and around and simply wonder?  At what point do you decide to stop and smell the roses?  Why not try and start now?

Portugal. The Man’s words are true.  All you need is something to believe in and everything falls in place, just like that.  At the very least, believe just that: things will fall into place.  Or, if anything, believe in the joy of Muneshine’s remix of this song.

Now get up and dance.  What are you waiting for?

This post is dedicated to the managing editor of MuMaMe, someone who appreciates every moment and seeks to make somebody, anybody, everybody, happy – every single day.  He inspires people every day.  Happy birthday!

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