Breathe in, breathe out, release.


The upcoming movie Divergent is built on an interesting concept.  Everybody in this world is given a role in the community, and those who don’t fit anywhere have to pretend to or risk death.  It looks thrilling.  But at the heart of it – and you only get a glimpse of this aspect of the story in the trailers – the divergent community still needs unity.  They still need each other.  They still need somebody.  M83 captured this perfectly in Track 8 of the Divergent soundtrack, “I Need You.”

M83’s soundtracks capture emotion.  They always have.  Consider the entire Oblivion soundtrack.

They have made themselves a name by using amazing sounds in their tracks (think Midnight City’s opening), and hearing M83 live is just stunningly captivating.  Being surrounded by their music just makes you love absolutely everything in the world.

“I Need You” is a beautiful exhale.  It makes you let everything go when you hear it and sink deeper and deeper into its warmth.

It starts slow, relaxing, and builds up in anticipation.  It gives you a space to breathe, only to reel you back in with a crescendo of trumpeting that makes you feel like you are in the presence of something truly majestic.

Sit back with surround sound high quality headphones and just let M83 wash over you.

And their track that blew me away during their concert in Central Park in 2011:

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