Let it hear. (free download)


“Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.”  That’s how Yinyues introduces himself, with a Lao Tzu quote.  You know we’re going to like this guy.

Everyone wants enlightenment.  But it seems there’s no surefire way to get it.  Live in the moment, but also understand the oneness of yourself with everything around you.  Those seem to me opposed.  To expand your view to infinity, by focusing on an instant.  The current moment is only the most infinitesimal fraction of everything that is.  The secret can’t be right NOW.

And that movie, “Gravity,” didn’t help. Damn good movie. But holy crap, I already didn’t know what to do with myself on Earth, and now I just want to go to space. Come on now.

But if I can’t know the universe, at least let it hear me sing!

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