End eventually. (free download)


Slow Magic has an amazing name.  He certainly can’t be faulted for effort in image marketing, either, as he wears a colorful zebra mask to every show.  It seems pretty unwieldy, but if an awesome helmet/mask has worked for some of the greatest electronic musicians ever (Daft Punk), it might be a branding tactic worth exploring.  You know what?  I have a pretty outstanding trademark for work, too.  I always roll up my sleeves, like Barack Obama.

It’s late.  Let’s cut the blathering and get to the music.  Slow Magic’s songs all truly do seem slowly, magical.  A beautiful term, as perhaps all magic is slow magic.  Developments that seem like they come out of the blue have often been brewing for a very long time.  It’s your job to stay ready, so you never have to get ready.  The wheels may already be turning.

Ok, now hit play.

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