Go for it. (free download)


The Kite String Tangle seriously epitomizes all that is currently right with music in the world.  I suspect, though I’m not certain to what extent, that artists are not getting paid fairly nowadays due to the proliferation of the Internet.  It’s just too easy to listen to and download music nowadays – no one has any incentive to pay for it.  And part of that sucks (really just for the biggest artists).  But disregard that one major issue, and the Internet – plus its prerequisite, computers – has been the best thing for music since musical instruments were invented.

You can make music in your living room in your boxers on a laptop, and if it’s great music, you have a pretty damn good shot of having a lot of people hear it.  Now I don’t know what kind of underwear The Kite String Tangle prefers, but I know that his music is GREAT.

And we’re so glad to share it!  A true hidden talent here, folks.  Look for much bigger things to come.

Let’s start with an original.  A fantastic track!

Next up, a cover of Lorde. Can he do it justice? I think he does it more than justice.

Finally, an awesome remix of Flume.  Original, then cover, then remix.  The Kite String Tangle has no boundaries.

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