Summery, wistful, twisting.


Whenever I put up a post, I usually come in with some idea of who I want to post about.  Almost every time, though, I end up posting about someone else.  I’ll go searching around my music library and online for good songs, and end up just listening to music for like two hours, and listen to songs by about five different artists.  Eventually I’ll realize I could spend the entire day just listening to music, and use this blog as an excuse to do it.  Which is pretty freaking sweet.  Then I just post whatever I am listening to at the moment.

Today I started with Jhene Aiko, then moved to Amy Winehouse, then Thievery Corporation, then Twin Shadow, then Hot Chip. Hot Chip led to Grizzly Bear because Grizzly Bear has covered “Boy From School.”  Boom. Pretty rad.  You can expect posts on all those others coming soon. Jhene Aiko *might* blow up big. She’s on the verge, having just done a pretty hot track with Childish Gambino.

Anyway, for now you’re stuck with the summery, joyous, wistful, twisting, gorgeous sounds of Grizzly Bear.  Not exactly underground, but they did just release a brand new album, called “Shields” this past Wednesday, to great (hipster i.e. Pitchfork) acclaim.  My favorite Grizzly Bear track of all time is still the classic “Two Weeks,” released way back in 2009, which is about 35 years ago when it comes to music.  Every two weeks now, there’s some awesome new band to listen to.  You can thank the Internet for that. Damn Internet.  Delivering us joy and stuff.

Here’s “Two Weeks,” followed by “Will Calls” and “Yet Again,” which are both off the new album. Enjoy your weekend, wherever you are!

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