Weightlessness or not.


Whew, we’ve been away for a bit on a hectic travel schedule.  Can’t wait to start sharing music again!  To start, here’s Gorillaz with “On Melancholy Hill,” which is one of the chillest songs I’ve ever heard.  Right now, only Belle and Sebastian’s “Sleep the Clock Around” comes to mind as an equally chill song.

Actually, why don’t I just throw that one on here, as well?  We might as well break the tradition of artist-focused posts, and have thematic posts instead.  Both of these are the kinds of tracks you need when your mind is just getting way too busy.  You know, that’s why I love music.  Sometimes, you forget just how crazy your life is getting.  You forget that you’ve stacked to-do on to-do, you’ve piled worry on worry, you’re constantly re-prioritizing, you’re constantly moving, and if you’re not moving you’re thinking about your next move.  And amidst all that mental complexity you’ve obscured from yourself what it is you’re actually doing, what life it is you’re actually living.

It can get pretty simple.

Hit play, close your eyes, and let it be that simple.

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