On movin’ on.


DatA is a fairly well-known French DJ who makes some of the fieriest, danciest electro music you’ll hear since… a few blog posts ago, I guess.  Just kidding.

Seriously, though, if you like pumped up music, below are three remixes where DatA has poured in a ton of electric energy.  These are the kinds of tracks you want blasting out of Funktion-One speakers in a dark basement crammed with people who like to get down as much as you do.  Or at least, you want these tracks blasting out of your headphones and damaging your hearing. Whatever, you’ve got two ears.  Check it out.  Can’t wait till the weekend.

Here’s a remix of the already catchy, tap-your-toes-like-crazy Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. track, “If You Didn’t See Me (Then You Weren’t On The Dancefloor).”  It gets catchier, tap-your-toes-like-crazier.  Very appropriate.

Next up is a remix of M83’s “Kim & Jessie.” A little more laid back, but still very powerful.

Finally, check out DatA’s work on La Roux’s “I’m Not Your Toy.”

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