Going to be so lucky. (free download)


At this time, not much needs to be said about Lorde, the 17-year old absolute phenom out of New Zealand, except maybe this: Her debut album comes out September 30, 2013.  And this: It’s called “Pure Heroine.”

I don’t know where Adele is, I don’t know what Lana Del Rey has been up to, but Lorde is soon to overtake both of them as the best solo female artist out there, especially at age 17.  It’s ridiculous that her story arc has just begun.  I can’t wait to see where it goes.

Well, listen, since you’ve heard a couple of her singles all over the radio, we’ll dedicate this post to remixes only of her tracks.  Trust me, there’s a lot, a ton, a multitude, a vast expanse of awesome in here.  If you like music, you’re lucky music is in such a golden age, and music is so lucky for Lorde.

First up is FFFRRANNNO taking on my favorite Lorde track, “Bravado.”  You may remember I posted a remix by FFFRRANNNO a few months back, of Miguel’s “Do You.”  Keep makin’ waves, FFFRRANNNO.  This track is, to put it simply, super beautiful.

Next up, we’ve got L D R U with a remix of “Love Club.”  I’m definitely dropping a post on L D R U some day, but for now I leave you with this.  This track was actually the first time I ever heard Lorde, several months ago.  Should have hopped on the bandwagon then.  This track is so happy, it’s like swallowing a sunrise.

Third is a remix by Shoe Scene Symphony, of “Royals,” the Lorde track which I think is most crushing the airwaves.  Not a crazy remix, just a little more emphasis on the chill, on the groove.

Finally, here’s a brand new remix by none other than The Weeknd, of “Royals.”  The Weeknd treatment is everything you might expect from Abel Tesfaye, including a bit of his vocals.  Enjoy.  Or whatever people do to The Weeknd’s music!

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