Look to Someone.


I truly believe Sam Smith is going to get super famous in a year.  I’m actually a bit confused as to what his agent’s strategy is, because Sam is definitely not as big as he should be.  He’s been on a huge track with Disclosure, “Latch,” and a huge track with Naughty Boy, “La La La,” and must have a total global listen count in the tens of millions.  So, lots and lots of people have heard him, and love him.

But he hasn’t had any big tour.  He’s from the U.K., and as far as I know, he’s only toured locally in the U.K.  Well, that means the world is being withheld from some major talent, because this guy has a massive, awesome voice.  Strip away the electronic supplements, the shiny baubles and dazzling lights, and just check out how Sam Smith can sing!  Tell me it doesn’t make you feel something quite, in the British sense, real.

Here he is on the acoustic “The Lonely Hour.”  Beautiful track.

Next up is Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down.”

Now let’s give it a little flavor, just in case you want to get down.  Here’s “Safe With Me,” a non-acoustic track for sure.

It wouldn’t be right to keep you from his major hits.  Here’s Disclosure’s “Latch” featuring Sam Smith.

Followed by Naughty Boy’s “La La La,” also featuring Sam Smith.

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