Thank Heavens. (free download)


Saint Pepsi is a savior.  While he has a number of awesome, summer wave songs, packed with chill groove and good vibes, he has one song that just absolutely does it for me.  It’s called – guess what?  “Call Me Maybe.”

That’s right.  Everyone’s favorite song, the epitome of pop, the catchiest track since Rick Astley, which I have never been able to, no matter how badly I’ve wanted to, blast at full volume while driving down the street with the windows down, smoking a cigarette and wearing shades, in a tank top and tattoos, just a straight up gangster, no doubt, has been remade so that I CAN.

Or can I? Maybe I still can’t.

But dammit, maybe I will.  I really love this track.  Sit back, relax, vibe out, enjoy.

Get the track for free here!

Next up is a happy electro track called “Better.”

Here’s Saint Pepsi with “Skylar Spence,” aptly described as funkalicious.

Finally, here’s a track similar in style to “Call Me Maybe,” called “Private Caller.” Must be some sort of telephonic communications theme.

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