Cheerfully meander.


I love this guy, Milky Chance.  He has truly harnessed the power of the sung word.

You know how a picture is worth a thousand words? So clearly there’s a hierarchy of communication, in which different forms of communication convey different amounts of meaning.  So I think we can say that not only is a picture worth many words, but also that a spoken word is worth more than a written word.  After all, a spoken word is usually contextual and therefore more meaningful than a written word, which you can read in many contexts, and a spoken word usually conveys an emotion, and if not an emotion, then at least an attitude.  A brief snippet of personality.  Thus you have to think that a spoken word, worth its weight in expressiveness, is more valuable than the simple, permanent, dark notation of a written word.

But what about a sung word?  How is a sung word different than a spoken word?  And why do some sung lyrics on the surface make so little sense, but underneath carry the deepest meaning?  Because the wordlessness of music behind those lyrics is the same as infinite words.  Music conveys that which you cannot with words, there are certainly words, but there are not enough words.  You could describe the thing, the picture would keep getting drawn, clearer and clearer, but it would never be finished.

Anyways… here’s Milky Chance on “Stolen Dance.”

And again, Mr. Chance, on “Down By The River.”

Finally, here’s Milky Chance’s “Sadnecessary.”

Hey, does he sound familiar at all? He sounds a lot like Asaf Avidan.  Check it out.

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