Dance to an excuse. (free download)


Vanderway’s Daft Punk remix is fresh to death.  

So I’m surfing the net, and I notice that one of the most popular songs out right now, with over 200,000 listens on SoundCloud, is a mashup by The Hood Internet (a pair of DJs that together is one of the original breed of mashup artists), combining Kanye West’s “Good Life” with Daft Punk’s “Doin’ It Right.”  Much respect to The Hood Internet, as the track is very, very good… but it’s not spectacular.  And each of Kanye and Daft Punk’s original tracks are in fact spectacular.  Unfortunately, I don’t think you can reasonably expect to mashup two of the best songs made by two of the biggest acts in music right now, and end up with something super-spectacular.  So the track is good, Hood Internet, but it’s a bit dull. It’s chill. Depends on what you’re doing while listening to it.  If you’re studying, or working, I can see how this song is great. But it won’t get your feet tapping.

Regardless, a Daft Punk mashup gives me an excuse to put up this Vanderway track that is – dare I say it? I don’t know. Blasphemy? Here it goes – better than any track on Random Access Memories.  This track is built off of approximately 15 seconds of Random Access Memories material that was played in commercials before the album was released, and is ridiculously fresh.  Of the 50 times I’ve listened to it, I don’t think there’s been a single time I didn’t involuntarily snap my fingers over and over.  I avoided putting this track up on MuMaMe last month because it was posted everywhere, but now that I see definitively inferior songs making it to the top of the online music charts, I think I need to do my part to get amazing music heard as much as possible!  Every single one of Vanderway’s 1,000,000 listens is well-deserved, and the track is available for free download from SoundCloud.

If you want Kanye remixes, forget the Hood Internet.  I have a load of great ones.  Here’s one I posted a few months ago, and I’ll get some more up in the near future.

I better hit the hay. I think I tweaked my neck just sitting here and nodding my head.

Here’s the Hood Internet track I was hating on.  I do like the Hood Internet, and I’ve got tickets to see them August 17 in San Francisco. So if you love this track, just pretend I love it too!

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