Reach out, for you, too.

baby-alpaca (1)Can you feel what Baby Alpaca feels?  That an artist whose music sounds so relaxed can convey such wild emotion hints at the cliche that you can’t judge a book by its cover.  The most mellow individuals among us live lives as crazy as any of ours.  And all of us live the craziest lives.

I think that what we think of as life can be conceptualized as a set of external experiences structured around an internal core of bundled emotions.  This core might be what is often called a soul.  Almost everyone has one.

This conceptualization entails that experiences external to your soul don’t create and then inject feelings into your life; no, external experiences simply activate feelings you already have the capacity to feel, which usually lie dormant.  Though you are happy, there is sadness in you.  You are not an empty bucket into which events pour emotions. You are a wall of colored lights, and events turn those lights, emotions, on and off.  They intensify or weaken them.

So every experience can be thought of not as a set of physical events, but instead as a set of emotional consequences due to the external world functioning upon your emotional core. There is no emotion inherent to the events of any particular experience; emotion is only inherent to your self, if your self is your soul.  They were wrong. The earth is not the center of the universe. You are.

Emotions as consequences of experiences are independent from the specific events of the experiences themselves.  Two unique events that cause us to feel the same feelings and which have equal emotional effects are deeply alike because our core reacts to them similarly, regardless of how different the events are in physical reality.

If we measure the significance of events not by how they physically manifest, but instead by what emotions they activate, then lots of events start to look the same.  As the specific contexts of events become less important than the emotions associated with them, you begin to see that your happiness is the same as the happiness of anybody else.  The woman getting married, the man begging for change, the child on the playground.  Even though you have very dissimilar experiences in physical reality, you all pull from the same spirit of the species, your emotional cores are, if not identical, much more similar than your external lives appear to be.

What I’m saying is that we all live the same lives.  The way I feel now is the way you will feel, or have felt.  The way you feel is something I know, too.  You can see this.  You can see it in people’s eyes, the windows to the soul.  Look hard.

But in the end, I live by a simple rule. If it makes me laugh and/or cry?

I dig it.

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