Peace, by piece, altogether, all together.


Klingande sounds like open air to me.  Like freedom.  Give it thirty seconds.

You know, I grew up in beautiful California, but I went to college in upstate New York.  Before spending four years in New York, I never truly appreciated the California outdoors.  At least not like I should have, and not like I do now.  Until I was locked indoors for eight months of the year, attempting to shield myself from slush, snow, ice, fear, despair… I thought Sub-Zero was only a character from Mortal Kombat.

Right, I also didn’t know that Sub-Zero is a refrigerator brand. I was a kid. Kids don’t know refrigerator brands. Get outta here.

As soon as I graduated, I came home to California, and moved to San Francisco.  Man. If you’ve never really lived outside California, you might still not fully appreciate how good we have it here. It’s stunningly beautiful, like, all the damn time.  Where I live now, we have a roof deck, and on nice (most) days, I like to go up there and look out at the Golden Gate Bridge. On my favorite days, the sun is out, there’s a light breeze, and out on the water are one hundred sailboats.  I love watching those sailboats out on the water.

I guess I haven’t found the time, recently, but I used to try to take at least one day a week to get out on that roof deck.  Sometimes I would read, sometimes I would just think.  Sometimes, I would record voice memos on my phone, and talk through everything on my mind.  It sounds a little weird, but talking things out can really help you sharpen your focus.  When you have to form a coherent stream of words from that jumbled mess in your head, you’re forced to impose upon your thoughts at least a slight semblance of clarity.

Anyway, one of my favorite San Francisco memories is simply sitting on that roof, listening to music, watching the sun go down.  So that’s what Klingande reminds me of.  Also, I’m a sucker for saxophone, and the saxophone melodies Klingande drops are on another level.

Take me to that roof, bring me the breeze, the fresh air, bring me the light.  Bring me one hundred sailboats.

There’s a peace there that I can’t describe.

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