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Hey folks, MuMaMe got added to Hype Machine, and I’m so stoked!!!  With that said, I apologize, as this isn’t a regular post.  Hype Machine only indexed songs starting from post #18, and in order to get awesome music from posts #1-17 indexed as well, I’m dropping those tracks here.  We’ll be back to our regular programming tomorrow.  THANKS FOR READING and THANKS FOR LISTENING TO THE MUSIC!!!  I truly, truly appreciate it.

1. Calm like still water.

2. Disco my way downtown.

3. Fly to a French aviary.

4. Desperate for the arc of life.

5. Wrap around down deep inside.

6. Rest my head on satin sheets.

7. Keep your face to the rising sun.

8. Witness the Warriors win tonight.

9. Jump up to break glasses.

10. Belong to the stories of our names.

11. Snap your fingers, sneak a smile.

12. Relax it out, to the sunrise.

13. Move hips like shook water.

14. Bring back the noise.

15. Come out of your soul like a rocket.

16. Take it to ‘em.

17. Give a little flavor.

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