Reflect on the rails to the gulch.


Who is where Kanye was, who doesn’t want to go where Kanye’s going to be?  I’m not talking about the money or the fame, I’m talking about having a place in history. I’m talking about entertaining tens of millions, maybe hundreds of millions of individual human beings, and not being satisfied. I’m talking about more.

Kanye has hustled his whole life, and he won’t ever stop. He deserves what he’s got (and what he’s got isn’t even all that much).  He is recognized as an entertainer, but he knows that there’s more to the meaning of life than entertainment. So he’s trying to do much more; he wants to be in design, in fashion, in art, in all the beautiful and deep, universally accessible aspects of living.  This makes people think he’s crazy, it makes them think he’s megalomaniacal.  But how can you blame him? Who doesn’t want to dip their toes into the spiritual undercurrent of life, who doesn’t want to feel beyond, who doesn’t want to mean more than anybody truly can?

It might be wrong to think that you deserve to be better than the rest.  But the only people that are, are the ones that always thought they could be.

Here’s a chill, reflective Kanye tune, off one of his mixtapes.  Nothing major here, just relax and think it through.

Download the mixtape here: “Eyes Closed”

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