Build, momentum, crest, wave.


Foals knows how to architect a soundscape.  Hit play on the left; follow along.

Foals starts with a bare-bones blueprint, dropping a quiet beat that forms our framework for the next seven, powerful, minutes.

Carefully, they sculpt the ground, smoothing it out, sweeping away dirt, and rocks, and roots.  Keeping it quiet.

Deliberately, now, they pour wet cement, it spreads across the ground, it seeps into cracks, it forms a base, it serves as our foundation.

Faster, faster, they come together to assemble the framework of their creation, they bring in wood, they bring in metal, they bring in hammers, drills, levels, screws.  The pieces begin to come together.  Something is beginning to take shape.

Step back. Take a look. Sit back. Open your ears.  This is nothing yet, but you can tell what this might one day become.  They start to fill in the holes, and there are a lot of holes.  Silence occupies the space between the thin walls.

It needs windows, it needs doors. It needs carpets, hardwood floors.  Not to mention electrical and plumbing. Not to mention HVAC, insulation, drywall.  All that stuff is getting filled in, Foals is putting it together, slowly, but surely.

What are they building?  It remains quiet but there is life to this construction.  Trim, painting, is this a house, is this an office, is this a home, is this a life?  What is a building but an assemblage of whatevers, a synthesis of anythings?  At least until you give it a name.  Why build unless you build for something? And what is something without somebody?

Is it done yet? Wait until you’re four minutes in.

What have they built? What are you hearing?  Turn it up, make sure the sounds fill the space between your ears, and leak down through your spine, down into your ribs, echo through your chest cavity and rocket into your limbs, and out of your fingers and toes, and reverberate, off the floor, to your left, to your right, all around, no ceiling is ever high enough.

Like a ghost in the back of your head.

I don’t know what Foals has built.

Perhaps, something palatial.

Like dubstep? BAR9 is about to demolish this house.

Lastly, today I read this short story.  It’s very cool.  Its lessons are very interesting.  If you take some time to read it through, I don’t think you’ll regret it.

“The Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant”

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