Ask the most revealing question.


Miguel asks a simple question.   Do you like hugs?  He asks another question, too, a more dangerous one. Just hit play on the left, and find out what it is.

Miguel had one of my favorite albums of 2012, “Kaleidoscope Dream.”  It’s kind of made for lovemaking, but forget that and listen to it once through no matter where you are. And if you’re THERE, well then put it on FAST and get busy!

Miguel is one of the artists (though there are many) who I would go see at almost any cost if they were nearby.  I actually did this already; I went to an Alicia Keys concert where Miguel was opening for 40 minutes, and left about 20 minutes into Alicia Keys. Listen, she’s good, but dang, she’s boring.

Miguel, though!  To be honest, Miguel’s performance, in terms of showmanship, wasn’t great. He can’t dance, and he doesn’t cut a very dramatic figure.  Some of his songs don’t come through well in an arena setting, and his song selection and ordering wasn’t amazing.  But obviously, with Miguel, it’s about nothing but his voice.

Miguel has one song that has brought him super-stardom, and I’m sure you’ve heard it.  It’s called “Adorn,” and it’s AWESOME.  Though I like remixes for Mumame, no remix does “Adorn” justice.  Actually, you know how I said I’d pay almost any amount to see Miguel in concert? That’s not the whole story. I would pay almost any amount to see Miguel perform just one song, “Adorn.”  He sang it at Oracle as his last song before leaving the stage, and he absolutely ROCKED the arena.  I think that even with the critical acclaim for “Kaleidoscope Dream,” Miguel is nowhere near his talent ceiling yet, and I really hope I’m right.  If Miguel can make more songs like “Adorn,” then in all seriousness, I think one day he’ll be on Adele’s level in terms of singing talent.

Isn’t it crazy that I can say Miguel, a little Mexican-African-American guy from LA, might someday be on the level of Adele, a big British lady?  Music: It Unites Us.

My three favorite songs of Miguel’s are “Do You,” “Adorn,” and “Sure Thing.”   Here’s “Do You,” in all its original, raw, impure, adulterated glory.  For your carnal pleasure.  Miguel played the Grammys, and he just played Billboard.  Coachella Main Stage, you’re next, right? See you in 2014.

Here’s a sick remix of “Do You” by FFFRRANNNO, a DJ with no critical acclaim or following.  FFFRRANNNO might be a one-hit wonder, but again, let’s cross our fingers that Miguel is not.

And below, Miguel’s Tiny Desk concert for NPR, where he performs “Do You,” “The Thrill,” and “Adorn.”  Truly, amazing.

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