Move hips like shook water.

Max Frost

Today we bring you a new voice, ice cold and silky smooth – Max Frost.  The man knows how to groove. Know what I mean?  You might say no, but the answer is yes.  You probably don’t know who Max Frost is (if you do, don’t freak out! You’re just, you know, the man).  He’s kind of nobody.  But I admire him. Let me tell you why.

Nowadays, I admire a lot of people in the world.  Several years ago, I didn’t admire anybody.  Several years ago, I was clueless about what I wanted to do with my life (as many are or have been).  I was never bored, but I was never captivated.  I had this subtle, scary feeling that every day, I was wasting my time.  So I came up with five rules to help me get rid of that feeling. I wrote them down on a Post-It, stuck it in my wallet, and left it there for years. I wrote them down on a piece of paper, and taped it to the wall in front of my desk.  I carved them in stone and climbed up a mountain just to bring them down (not true).  Here they are, with a little commentary:

1) Make good decisions (easier said than done, but you’d be surprised how little I even TRIED)
2) Have self-control (you can build this up like a muscle, by working it out, except it’s the weakest, crappiest, most unreliable muscle in your body)
3) Find someone to admire (having heroes gives you goals)
4) Live a good life (don’t do anything you wouldn’t be proud to say you did)
5) Start right now!  (NOW!)

Before I wrote these down, I didn’t do a single one of them! I still vacillate pretty badly on some of them.  I’m getting better.

So let’s focus on #3, “Find someone to admire.”  I looked really hard for people to look up to, and here are a few I ended up with: Steve Jobs; Albert Einstein; Elon Musk. Truly, heroes. People who have actually altered the fabric upon which history is stitched.  What I intended to accomplish when I wrote down this rule was to find people who built things, to inspire me to build things.  So why do I also admire Max Frost?

Because sometimes, I hear someone make music like Max, and I instantly respect that person almost as much as Steve, Julian, and Elon.  But Max Frost hasn’t built anything!  Still, knowing nothing of Max’s personality, his story, his life, without any understanding of what tangible worldly achievements he has accomplished, I cannot fail to respect that Max Frost has a talent which simply makes people happy. Which makes people groove.  And that is so crucial.  Baby.

I think “groove” is magical.  Music has “grooved” since the beginning of time; it is universally enjoyed by humanity.  I think, and Max Frost isn’t quite there, but he reminds me of the possibility, that some musicians are tapping into something that is close to the concept of God, whatever he or He may be.  We don’t realize how many musicians are heroes, and we don’t recognize how we’re so lucky to have so many of them.  When you go to a music festival and you see 100 artists, each able to command the attention of tens of thousands of ears, it’s mind-boggling! We can gather hundreds of artists who each have this power, partially given and partially fashioned, who can literally, at least for a short time, change the lives of thousands upon thousands of people?  What if you could make 50,000 people dance for five minutes ONCE?  That would be pretty damn cool.  It seems like a rare talent, and we are lucky that it is in fact not so rare.

Art (music) is the only field where I can respect someone immensely who hasn’t made even a slightly measurable difference in the world.  If you make music, you don’t have to educate someone. You don’t have to save a life. If you make music and you make it good, I like you.  And so, Mr. Max Frost?  You might be nobody.  But you’ve got a power that makes you somebody.  That’s why I admire you.  If only we were all so lucky.

Now sit back and enjoy.  Cruise groove.

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