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Disco Ruido

All I’ve got for you tonight is one song from Disco Ruido… but it’s one damn good, happy-as-hell song.  It’s late and it’s Sunday, and those are excuses.  I don’t know much about Disco Ruido.  Here, I won’t look up anything, and I’ll tell you what I know about them.  Here goes nothing:

They’re Spanish. The band is comprised of one woman and three men.

That’s it. That’s all I know, and literally 100% of those facts could be incorrect.  I first heard Disco Ruido at a co-worker’s house in Denver, when I was working on a project there for about four months last year.  I didn’t particularly enjoy my time in Denver. I liked my work, but I never really got used to the altitude, I didn’t have any friends there, and hey – I really did leave my heart in San Francisco.  So after my project, I didn’t bring much home from Denver, except a ton of frequent flyer miles.  And one song – Disco Ruido’s “Mrs. Love.”

It’s been a long Sunday. I hope you had a great weekend, and that you’re looking forward to a great week.  Kick it off with this track; may it make you dance.  Tell somebody you love ’em.

You know my name, Mrs. Love and I’m crazy
Look up the number, dial loving free
You know my name, Mr. Love and I’m hazy
Look up the number, GO LIGHTNING!

Download available through SoundCloud.

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