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Passion Pit

I was late to the Passion Pit party, but it has been one of my favorite parties ever.  Although Passion Pit has been around since 2008, I only started paying attention to them early last year, when I first heard “Constant Conversations” on a music blog and thought it was AMAZING.  I didn’t know much about Passion Pit, and I remember the blog called “Constant Conversations” electronic R&B, which I think is completely wrong.  I would have called it synthed-out chillwave indie pop.

You know what?  That’s terrible taxonomy.

So, I just googled “Constant Conversations R&B”, and guess what blog called the track “electronic R&B”? Pitchfork. They’re fools, and you know why they called this track R&B? It’s not because they don’t know indie rock, it’s because they don’t know R&B. Because, like I said, they are a fortress of hipster auditory elitism.  There’s damn sure no Ginuwine on Pitchfork. But I’ll check that out now, and if I’m wrong I’ll personally send the Pitchfork management team a handwritten note of apology.

Damn it.  Ginuwine shows up ONCE on Pitchfork EVER, as #104 on their ranking of the top 200 tracks of the 1990s.  I don’t think that counts.  Forget it. I’m not writing them a note.

After hearing “Constant Conversations” I dove right into “Gossamer,” Passion Pit’s 2012 album, and, wow.  I have never loved a band as much as I loved Passion Pit during the peak of my fanhood.  “Gossamer” was my soundtrack to the latter half of last year.  Needless to say, I wanted to see this band in concert BAD.

But they weren’t touring.  The reason?  Michael Angelakos, their lead singer, who was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in 2004, had been hospitalized and was on suicide watch.  My favorite track off of “Gossamer”, “Where We Belong”, is actually about a suicide attempt.  On the track, Michael sings:

“All things you can’t control, should never destroy the love one holds.”

Hey, that’s remarkably relevant, in an extraordinarily selfish way, to my predicament!  I couldn’t control Michael Angelakos’ mental illness, but I still loved Passion Pit.  Happily for Michael (and me), he got better, and says he’s in a great place now.  Since Passion Pit started touring again, I’ve seen them at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, at Not So Silent Night in San Francisco, and at Coachella 2013.  They freaking rock.  Check them out if you ever get the chance!

You’ve probably heard at least a little Passion Pit, so I’m going to skip all their original tracks.  Fewer people know that the band also very prolifically remixes other bands’ songs, and many of those remixes are absolutely fantastic.  Passion Pit leaves its fingerprints all over the songs below, and man, they know how to make great music.

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