Wrap around down deep inside. (free download)


Yuna snuck up on me, and she may just sneak up on you.    I first heard of Yuna because of her amazing cover of Frank Ocean’s “Thinking About You”, which is, truly, amazing.  Last year I had the blessed privilege of seeing her open for Allen Stone at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco.  First of all, both Yuna and Allen Stone have the talent to sell out bigger venues than the Great American Music Hall.  Second, it was one of the best performed concerts I have ever been to.   Third, Yuna absolutely blew me away.  Based on “Thinking About You”, I was ready for some good music.  Her music, though, was not just good – it was magical.

Yuna didn’t only sneak up on me in the sense that I had never heard her music.  Her voice alone sneaks up on you.  It carries a quiet power that picks you up, quickly and softly, off the ground, and wraps you up in wisps of smoke and clouds.  It wraps its tendrils around your feet, around your legs, snakes around your waist and pins your arms and envelops your brain with its soft beauty.  Then it squeezes and squeezes, slowly, though, until her touch turns to tension, until her gentle voice builds to a pressure that explodes in your head with a shower of stars.

Yuna’s gentle power was behind Adventure Club’s breakout hit, a remix of Yuna’s “Lullabies”, which I believe (I may be wrong about this) really catapulted Adventure Club into the spotlight.  Adventure Club makes dancy, dub-heavy electro.  That doesn’t sound necessarily synergistic with Yuna’s voice, right?  Well, Adventure Club took Yuna’s lightness of being, let her voice pull their remix into the sky, then smashed it to the ground hard, fast, like 10,000 falling anvils.  Turn your bass up, this track gets you feeling like a champion.  Download available through SoundCloud.

Want to hear the stunningly beautiful original?

And finally, here is the Frank Ocean cover Yuna recorded in her home.  Imagine watching this live, standing in front of her, as she sets the soundstage, as she manipulates the air between you and her, with waves that reverberate your eardrums in a way that makes you feel, so, damn, good.

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