Fly to a French aviary.


I’ve loved Phoenix since I was a sophomore in high school, in 2003.  But I really only loved two songs – “Too Young” and “Run Run Run”.  I hadn’t heard many of the other songs, and I never bought a CD, so I didn’t have the blessed opportunity to hear more of this French band’s beautiful noises until almost four years later in college.  Do you know why it took so long for me to discover more of Phoenix’s music?

Because Music on the Internet used to suck!  Let’s see.  Years and years ago, we used to listen to music on TAPES, and each tape could only hold a few songs.  Then we moved to CDs, which were pretty handy.  You could carry your CD player around, though it would bulge out of your jacket pocket and skip every time you made a sudden movement.  One day, like a lightning bolt out of heaven, you could find and download music off the Internet, through Napster!  That’s where my love of music began.  When I was a kid, I didn’t have any money.  I had no skills and was utterly unemployable.  It was tough back then. I would eat when I could get food (anytime I wanted), and I was lucky to find a room to sleep in each night (I was always lucky).  So I didn’t buy CDs, and I didn’t buy headphones, and I didn’t listen to beautiful noises.

Napster came out, and minus all the things I downloaded that I should not have downloaded, it absolutely opened up the world of music to me.

And then it got shut down.  And because that happened, the world of music got smaller for a while.  It took years, but slowly and surely, companies came around that tackled the problem of Music on the Internet in different ways, and now, I believe, the door to the world of music has been opened.  And soon it will be kicked down.  ITunes started the music revolution by allowing you to buy any song online.  Spotify continued the revolution by allowing you to play songs on any device.  The next step, I think, will manifest itself in the pressure on music providers to eliminate all paywalls – just like in the written content publishing industry.  Look, there are no paywalls on SoundCloud.


These guys are one of my favorite bands ever, now that I can listen to all their songs, anytime, on any device.  Let me take you from the first song of theirs that I loved, “Too Young”, which came out in 2000, to the most recent, “Entertainment”, out in 2013.  Unfortunately these tracks aren’t available for download, but hey – at least they’re easy to find on the Internet!

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